Wearable Devices, Next Tera-scale market!

Date:2016-08-02 【Size:Big Middle Small

Wearable device, that is directly worn on the body, or a portable device integrated into the user’s clothes or accessories. It is not only a kind of hardware, but also to realize powerful functions through software support, data interaction and the cloud interaction. It will bring a big change on our lives and perceptions.


Thermoplastic elastomers have excellent properties like soft touch, strong adhesion to PC, good flex resistance, aging resistance and resilience, playing an important role in the coating materials of wearable devices.


The most popular wearable device at present is VR (virtual reality), involving entertainment, medical care, education, urban planning, real estate and tourism markets. The materials suitable for these VR devices should be light and strong, comfortable contact with skin, environmental resistance, good thermal safety, electrical and biological safety. Thermoplastic elastomers have a very bright future in this market.

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