To celebrate the 2010 Chinaplas exhibition Jinling OPENT honors

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The twenty fourth session of China International Plastics and Rubber Industry Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as "Chinaplas Chinaplas 2010") on April 19, April 22 at the Shanghai New International Expo held a grand. As known in Asia and the global rubber industry's top event, "Chinaplas Chinaplas 2010" in just four days during the exhibition attracted a total of from 136 countries and regions of the 81435 visitors to visit the scene to visit and purchase, which the number of overseas buyers up sc14701 people, accounted for the concept of 18.1% of the total number of all.
Jinling Haupt company annual exhibition, 2010 Chinaplas is prepared, with many suppliers, customers and overseas audiences close exchanges, explore new cooperation direction, and constantly open up the market, enhance the visibility of the company's products and. During the exhibition, Jinling Haupt company actively participate in technical exchanges, enhance exchanges and industry professionals. After the statistics show that the exhibition show outstanding performance!
In the future, Jinling Haupt company will continue through the similar platform, to the audience at home and abroad show high-quality products and fast and convenient services, to provide customers with more solutions.

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