The fifteenth China International Rubber Technology Exhibition

Date:2015-09-25 【Size:Big Middle Small
The largest and most influential brand rubber exhibition in China
China International Rubber Technology Exhibition, since the beginning of 1998, through the course of many years of exhibition, has now become industry enterprises in brand promotion and trade promotion platform, become the channel of information communication, the exchange of new technology, become the wind vane and promoter of international rubber industry development. With the rapid growth of the international rubber industry, the exhibition has now brought together nearly 500 exhibitors, the exhibition area of 34500 square meters, is truly the world's leading large-scale professional exhibition. Exhibitors from around the world nearly 30 countries and regions, the set of rubber machinery, rubber chemicals, rubber raw material and rubber products and half finished products as a whole is annual event in rubber industry related enterprises in all aspects of the operator not to be missed. By the domestic and other more than a dozen countries and regions, the rubber industry organizations led the delegation will be a strong lineup of exhibitors or visitors to the exhibition.
Exhibition time: November 2015 11-13
Venue: Pudong New International Expo Center, Shanghai
Organizer: China United Rubber Co. Ltd.
(information source: Tech China Rubber 2015)

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