Application of TPV in charging pile cable

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Charging pile the function similar to gas station refueling machine and can be fixed on the ground or on walls, installation in public buildings (in public buildings, shopping malls, public parking field) and residential area parking lot or the charging station, according to the different voltage levels for various types of electric vehicles charging. It will be exposed to natural light, gasoline, is exposed to wind and rain, suffering from cold, but also to have the security function of leakage.
Automobile charging pile cable requirement:
Flame retardant: in case of fire, it is not easy to burn, to reduce the accident damage.
Weather resistance: able to withstand extreme weather, the material is not easy to change.
Tolerance to low temperature, especially in the north area, the winter temperature minus, to ensure that the use of low temperature effect.
Shell insulation: electrical safety is the most important, to ensure that the shell material is not conductive.
Aging resistance: after experiencing the various conditions of nature, but still can guarantee the quality, not easy to aging.
Jiangsu Jinling aopute macromolecule material Co., Ltd. PACREL non halogen flame retardant thermal plastic elastomer (TPV) FR series and has good oil resistance, anti tear cracking, flexure, weather resistance, water resistance, resistance to acid and alkali resistance, wear rolling resistance, high and low temperature resistance, flame retardant, widely used in wire and cable, electrical and electronic industry.

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