April 4, 2001--NJOP was established—the ambassador of Finland Mr. Ludarlin and the Mayor of Nanjing Mr. Wang Hongmin attended the opening ceremony of NJOP. 
Oct, 2001--R&D and trial production of Pacrel 6000 and Pacrel 7000 series. 
Dec, 2001--Large scale production and product entered the market. NJOP become the first company which successfully realized the production and commercialization of TPV products. 
 April, 2002--NJOP passed the ISO9001 Certification of Quality Management System and the ISO14001 Certification of Environment Management System. 
May, 2002--Pacrel?637 entered the automobile market of Europe, and applied in the high grade cars such as BMW, AUDI, etc. 
2004--products occupied the main domestic market, exported to 15 foreign countries, and won praise of customers in and abroad.
2005-2010--Products replace the import products in TPV application area,occuping 60% of the domestic market and heading to a higher aim.
On Nov.12,2010--Representative of NJOP signed the contract of new project (Jiangsu Jinling Opta Polymer Co., Ltd) with Administrative Committee of Jurong Economic Development Zone , focusing on building the new plant with annual capacity 10000 tons of thermoplastic elastomers in China.
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Factory Address: No.18 Longchang Road,Jurong Economic Development Zone, P.R.China