Pacrel Thermoplastic Elastomer

Based on the SSP (solid state polymerization) of Optatech Corporation, NJOP has achieved many technology innovations, such as dynamic vulcanization, grafting-modification, and MDD(molecule dimension design), producing series of Pacrelthermoplastic elastomers TPE/TPV/TPO with better performance.

The grades of products supplied range from 55 Shore A to 50 Shore D. Each grade varies in the properties and characteristics. The customers can select the corresponding grade according to their products. Meanwhile, NJOP's R&D experts also can tailor the products based on customer's special requirements. Pacrel thermoplastic elastomers have been widely used by customers in and abroad for years. As a professional manufacturer, we will continue to provide more excellent products for many areas by means of our own strong technology and R&D strength.

Pacrel TPV (EPDM/PP) has advantages over the traditional thermosetting EPDM, neoprene and modified PVC products.

CExcellent weather resistance (UV and ozone)

CExcellent flex-resistance and good elasticity.

CBetter weather and low temperature resistance abilities than traditional vulcanized rubbers (Keep the rubber elasticity property at -60℃).

CHardly contain inorganic fillers. The products service longer than traditional vulcanized rubbers.

CGood adhesion to paints satisfies your needs about colorful products.

CSmaller appearance machining tolerance makes the outline border more closely connected to other parts thus to achieve the persistent sealing property.

CGreen materials without halogen and heavy metals according with EU ROHS standard and reprocessable after use.

CGood processability, fit for injection molding, extrusion, blow molding and so on.

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