Nanjing Jinling Opta Polymer Co., Ltd(NJOP) is a high-tech enterprise run by SINOPEC and Finland Optatech Corporation, specializing in R&D ,production and sale of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE、TPV、TPO 、TPR) and environmental-friendly low smoke and halogen free materials.

Based on the SSP (solid state polymerization) of Optatech Corporation, NJOP has achieved many successes in technology, such as dynamic vulcanization, grafting-modification, and molecule dimension design, producing series of thermoplastic elastomer with better performance.

In 2002, NJOP passed the ISO9001 Certification of Quality Management System and the ISO14001 Certification of Environment Management System.  The totally dynamic vulcanization elastomer TPV (EPDM/PP) and low smoke and halogen free material of NJOP applies in electrical products, auto parts and wires & cables. In these fields, NJOP's stable quality and fast customer service lay the foundation and gain the popularity on thermoplastic elastomer in and abroad.

Now the new factory Jiangsu Jinling Opta Polymer Co., Ltd is located in Jurong Economic Development zone, Zhenjiang City, has 12 production lines, and the annual capacity reaches 12,000 tons, which is the first base of R&D and production of top thermoplastic elastomers in China.

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Address:No.390 Heyan Road, Nanjing, P.R.China,
Factory Address: No.18 Longchang Road,Jurong Economic Development Zone, P.R.China